Large stocks of approved wire.(0 swg 33 swg)
We specialise in:
Nickel Alloys
Beryllium Copper
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel

We can aid in the design and test springs using the latest IST (Institute of Spring Technology) software.
This enables us to:
Component prove all designs before they reach the production stage.
Perform stress analysis and fatigue / failure predictions before the wire is even coiled.
We will manufacture, inspect, pack and distribute springs to your specifications.
For example: Rolls Royce Nuclear Marine, specify that in order to eliminate potentially fatal material cross-contamination:
  • Their wire is stored under specific conditions.
  • We use hard chrome plated tooling and jigs.
  • Their springs are made with component exclusive tools on stainless steel benches reserved for RR components only.
  • They have their own stainless steel heat-treatment baskets reserved for their springs.
  • Their springs are ground with virgin grinding wheels every time they are made.
  • Their springs are packed using specialist gloves, in special chlorine free wrapping materials.
This level of dedication epitomises why some of the World leaders in the Aerospace, Nuclear, Motorsport and other Specialist Industries use W.H.Rooke for their components.
We are proud to manufacture to your specific requirements